DoorShield™ FAQs

Below are a few questions we get asked about the DoorShield™ domestic flood barrier. 

If your question is not answered here, please get in touch using the contact form and we'll do our best to answer it.

Yes, probably.

Our Standard 600 and Standard 900 units fit most sizes of external door. 

For wider external doors, e.g. conservatory doors, we offer the Wide 600. 

If you're in any doubt please contact us with the measurements of your door, and perhaps a photo, and we'll be happy to advise you.  If our normal sizes don't fit your door we can make a bespoke size DoorShield™ for you.

The DoorShield™ fits to to the masonry around the door.  It will fit to most stone, brick or other masonry.  There needs to be some masonry underneath the door too, but only a few inches.   If in doubt please contact us.

The masonry must be in good condition but we can advise you on any remedial work that may be needed when we come to assess the property.   

The DoorShield™ cannot be fitted to a wood surround, or any plastic or metal panelling. 

Please be wary of products that fit to the woodwork of your door.  If they rely on the mastic that keeps the door in place to keep flood water out, then it may not be strong enough. The mastic is designed to keep rainwater out, not flood water.   Also any cracks in either the mastic or an older door frame could let water in.   

No.  The DoorShield™ needs to be professionally fitted by an approved installer.  This is because it requires a precision fit to ensure that it works really effectively. 

All of our installers are experienced builders, and they are trained by us to fit the DoorShield™.  They will also have successfully completed the Property Care Association's Property Flood Resilience Training