Flood survey and measurement

Before installation our installers will visit your home to:

  • Do a flood survey to assess the flood protection products you need
  • Measure up your doors 
  • Check the condition and suitability of the masonry

Then we'll contact you with our recommendations and a written quote.  We may include other flood protection products that we think your home should have, and we can fit these too.

In addition to our own installers, we also supply the DoorShield to other selected and highly professional flood installation companies.  You can find details on our Contact page. 

The Installation

professional installer of flood product

Our professional installers make sure each DoorShield fits perfectly.   

Each DoorShield is drilled on site.  This ensures the holes and seals are positioned accurately to give you maximum flood protection.

To fit the DoorShield to the property we will drill some small holes into the masonry, and fit high strength bolt holders into them.

Before the installers leave they will mark up each DoorShield clearly so you know which door it is for.   They'll also set up your storage box and make sure you have all the fittings, washers and tools you need. 

Finally, we'll give you a full demonstration on how to set the DoorShield up.  If you want us to show neighbours or anyone else how to do it (in case you're away when it floods) we'll do that too.

We won't leave until you're happy and confident in your flood protection.

Approved installers

In addition to our own installers, we now work with Lincs Flood Defence who are authorised and trained to fit the DoorShield.