flood water depth gauge 

Our two standard widths fit the external doors on most homes. 

We also make bespoke sizes and extra high barriers, if needed. 



Standard 600  

The Standard 600 is for normal width, external doors.  It will fit most standard size front and back doors up to 1100mm wide.   

It will protect against floodwaters up to 600mm deep.


Wide 600

The Wide 600 is suitable for wider doors, such as conservatory doors or French windows, up to 2000mm wide.

It will also protect your home against floodwaters up to 600mm deep.



Did you know?  The average UK flood depth is 450mm (about 18 inches). That’s why the normal height for flood protection barriers is 600mm. 



Standard 900 

If you live in an area where you think floods will exceed this average then we also offer the Standard 900 which provides flood protection to 900mm for standard size front and back doors.  


Bespoke options

And if your doors aren't a standard size?  No problem, we can make a DoorShield to the size you need.  To find out more just contact us.



With every DoorShield™ you'll get

  • All the tools you need to set up the DoorShield quickly and easily
  • Spare fixings - rubber washers, steel washers and bolts.  You're bound to lose a few over the years.
  • Colour coded masonry plugs, plus spares
  • A Protective Case - for storing the DoorShield in when not in use.  No other door flood barrier comes with a protective case like this.    The case helps to prevent accidental damage to the unit and will protect the seals from environmental damage too.  
  • Self-closing airbricks fitted if you need them