We've made sure the DoorShield is really easy to set up.  One person working alone can set one up in five minutes.  You don't need special equipment and we provide all the tools and fixings you need.

That means you can ensure your house has excellent flood protection in just a few minutes.   

Simple steps 

  • Put a steel and a rubber washer onto each bolt
  • Take the plastic plugs out of the masonry holes
  • Position the DoorShield in place over the door
  • Starting with the top corners put all the bolts in, hand tightening them
  • Give them a final tighten with the supplied ratchet (do not use power tools).

 Easy-to-use flood protection

  • Keep tools and fixings together in the storage box.  That way they are there when you need them and safe when you don't
  • All bolts are coarse threaded.  So they are quick to use, hard to damage and difficult to cross thread
  • Plenty of spares.  Rubber washers do get damaged with use, and it's easy to drop a bolt or a washer when you're in a hurry.  So we'll give you plenty of spares to keep you going.
  • We'll do a full demonstration when we install your DoorShield and make sure you are confident fitting it too.
  • We'll leave you with easy-to-follow instructions - they’re even printed on waterproof paper so you can read them in the rain!

To download our current documents please click on the links below:

Deployment Guide - How to set up your DoorShield

User Manual - Care, maintenance, troubleshooting


Looking after your DoorShield

DoorShields are long lasting and tough.  But a little care is needed to ensure they provide great flood protection for many years:

  • Hose debris and dirt from the DoorShield and seals after use.  Leave it to dry completely
  • Store it in the storage box provided.  This helps to protect the seals from accidental and environmental damage
  • Inspect rubber washers after each fitting.  Throw out any that are damaged or deformed and check you have spares

Finally have the seals checked if they have become damaged.  To extend your warranty have them replaced by us after 10 years or 10 flood events, whichever comes first, and we'll give you a new 10 year warranty!