DoorShield Installers 

Each DoorShield is fitted carefully and precisely to your doorway by qualified and accredited flood product installers. 



A high quality fit is essential to ensuring that your DoorShield will give you maximum flood protection for many years to come.

While we undertake installations across the UK ourselves we also work with a few independent flood product installers around the country.  To make sure that every DoorShield is fitted to our exacting standards we only work with flood product installers who already have an excellent reputation in the industry and many years experience. 

Ideally our selected installers will also be members of the relevant industry bodies, such as the Property Care Association.  They may also have achieved the BSI Kitemark for flood product installers.  This achievement demonstrates they are able to undertake a flood risk survey of your home and advise you on the full range of BSI Kitemarked flood barriers and other flood products available in the market.  They will recommend and fit the ones which are the most appropriate to your home and to your flood risk. 

In addition to fitting the DoorShield they will also be able to replace the seals in due course, which will allow the unique 10 year guarantee to be renewed for another 10 years, which means you get really long-lasting flood protection.


Accredited DoorShield installers: 



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