The ten year lifespan of the DoorShield means you get long term peace of mind that your home will be protected against flooding for years to rover in water

The pattern of UK flooding is changing.  For many of us a flood is no longer a once in a lifetime event, it is a regular hazhard.  Floods often last longer too - sometimes weeks at a time.  So you need a product robust enough to cope with both regular and long term use. 

The DoorShield is made from strong, 10mm thick fibreglass.  It has two sets of heavy-duty, marine grade seals.  The fibreglass and seals are very durable and will cope with repeat use over many years, even through long-lasting flood conditions.  The DoorShield is suitable for both freshwater and seawater floodwaters.  

The DoorShield fixes directly to the masonry using tough steel fixing bolts which were designed specifically for us by Fischer Fixings, one of the world's largest fixings companies.  We have designed the DoorShield to need no clips or moving parts because these tend to break with regular use. 

And finally we provide plenty of spare rubber washers (the only thing on the DoorShield you may need to replace once in a while).

Unique protective box

The Flood Experts also include a storage box to keep your DoorShield barriers in when not in use. 

The box helps prevent accidental damage so your flood barriers stay in great condition for many years.  You can keep the DoorShield outside and know it is protected from the elements.  

No other flood barrier in the UK comes with a storage box.