Long term affordability

Because of its ten year lifespan the DoorShield offers great value for money over the long term.woman with purse saving money

When comparing the costs of flood products the lifespan is a critical factor to consider to gauge the true cost.   

A barrier that costs £1500 but only lasts two years is really costing you £750 per year.  But if it costs £1500 and lasts ten years  it costs just £150 per year.    

With the DoorShield we also offer the option of a seals replacement service which will add many more years to the life of your units, at a fraction of the cost of buying a replacement.   

Flood Insurance

Many insurers will offer you more affordable flood insurance if you have flood protection which has a BSI Kitemark™.  This is because the Kitemark shows that the product meets certain standards and has been independently tested.

For more information on the Kitemark and the DoorShield's test results please go to our Test Results page.

If you have difficulty getting home flood insurance you may be able to get insurance as part of the Flood Re scheme.